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Shades of Blue

Hi everyone this site is dedicated to Star Trek Voyager. Specialy to the relationship that most of us wanted to see on the show J/C.I think that voyager was one of the most existing shows trek has made. But the powers that be at paramount forgot to show us the sweeter side of life and our belove characters. I'm still a voyager fan all the way, but i do feel betrayed for what they did in Endgame.Enough about me! Please put your feet up and enjoy your stay.

Where To Go

Ok guys, there are sveral things that you can do on this site. Just click on anything below an it take you to another corner of my mind. I love when i get visitors.

My Fan Fiction

This is where I keep all my stories. I only have a few that are complete, but there will be a lot coming your way once I finish the other million that are a work in progress.

Main Gallery

In the main gallery you will find links to my J/C, Voyager cast,and Kate Mulgrew galleries.

Voyager's History

If your new to Voyager or just want to look at some facts about the show, this is th place to go. Everything from character biographies to intreviews with th cast.

Fun Stuff

This one is just plain silly. If your bored, you should really check this page out.


These are links to really cool Voyager, J/C, and Kate Mulgrew sites.

The Dove of Peace flies from site to site through as many countires as possible. It doesn't belong to any belief system. Please help it make a line around the globe by taking it with you to your site, giving it to someone for their site, by passing it on to another continent, or to the conflict areas of the world.

The religion we have been waiting for, the blue eye Goddess is calling to us.

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Site last updated Sptember 9, 2002.
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